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One of my most favorite hobbies is drawing and painting using various media. I love oil paints, watercolor, pencil, oil pastels, and anything that I can get in my hands. It seems that whatever media I choose to utilize, I can always produce something beautiful. I do not follow any particular style, though I do have a few of my favourite styles and techniques. Generally, I love experimenting with different media, and the outcome totally depends on my mood.

IMG_9326 Welcome to my Art Gallery!

I draw and paint whatever I find fascinating at any one moment, and it can be as diverse as landscape on one day and a portrait on another. As to the level of professionalism in painting and drawing, I am definitely an amateur stuck in my grade 6 level as that was the time when I attended an art studio back in my childhood. Ever since then, it has been a series of trial and errors.Presently, I am quite obsessed with watercolors and have been doing absolutely everything possible to be able to dedicate more time to painting.

My easel is now permanently placed hear our breakfast table as a reminder for me that whenever I have free time I can use it to create art. Our breakfast area also seems to be my favorite place to paint: we have lots of natural light there, and the area can be conveniently transformed into a temporary art studio by turning one chair towards the easel and placing all materials and brushes on the table nearby.With more practice, my watercolor art is becoming more and more complex in terms of subject matter as well as quality (check out latest works below and judge for yourself).

Watercolor Art

I find watercolor to be easy and hard at the same time. It’s an easy medium to work with, but is quite hard to master. Faces are the hardest for me when done in color (especially the noses – these guys always come out a bit wrong).

!Hydrangea Summer Palace Coming Soon! Coming Soon! Coming Soon!
Hydrangea in a Glass Vase
Strolling the Summer Palace 2017  
Resting Gondola Rocks and water Sea Lilies Hut in the Woods
Resting Gondola 2017 Rocks and Water 2017 Sea Wave 2017 White Lilies 2017  Hut in the Woods 2017
Golden Oak  IMG_6613 IMG_6602 IMG_6611 IMG_6612 
Golden Oak 2017 Wake Runner 2017 Leaf on Water 2017 Fragment 2017 Rolling Wave 2017
 IMG_6265  FullSizeRender IMG_6271 Sea and Rocks Caravan in Abhu Dhabi
Morning on the Lake 2016 Sailing to Philadelphia 2016 Cuba Island 2017 Serenity 2017 Camels of Abhu Dhabi 2017
 IMG_9667 IMG_9696  IMG_9701  IMG_9700 IMG_5376
Viburnum Berries 2016 Tree 2016 Stork in the Sky 2016 Bullfinch 2016 White Rose 2016
 IMG_9651 IMG_9681  IMG_9702  IMG_9679 IMG_9692
China Silk 2016 Poppies 2016 Rowan Berries2016 Purple Tulips 2016  Dawn 2016
 IMG_9671  IMG_9661  IMG_6554 Pointsettia - Natalia Ros Art IMG_6588
Dream Sailors 2016 Pines 2016 Holding On 2015 Poinsettia 2015 Soul of Good Wine 2015
 IMG_6422 IMG_6515 IMG_6509 IMG_6537 IMG_6617
Butterfly 2015 Chickadee 2015 Fog 2015 Girl in a Shawl 2015 Slavic Girl in a Village 2015

Oil Paintings

I love oil painting for its smoothness. The paint flows on canvas, and the art produced with it looks amazing! Lately I started experimenting with a new technique where oil colors can be used on paper. I use watercolor paper for its texture. When oil colors are applied onto this paper with a dry brush, the results can look quite great.

Painting-sleepy hollow  Painting-breeze  Painting-stand strong IMG_0424
Sleepy Hollow 2015, Oil on paper. Dry brush technique. Look at Me 2015, Oil on paper. Dry brush technique. Standing Strong 2015, Oil on paper. Dry brush technique.

Acrylic Paintings

Acrylic works great for abstract work. I am new to abstract and find it quite difficult to loosen up my mind so to produce random shapes without any particular order. Also, there are so many techniques to learn that I almost feel like I need to take a class!

 Poppies - November 2016  Coming Soon!  Coming Soon!   Coming Soon!   Coming Soon!
Poppies 2016, Acrylic on Canvas  
Frost - Natalia Ros Art Morning in the City - Natalia Ros Art Gondola - Natalia Ros Art World of Glass and Concrete - Natalia Ros Art  Roses - Natalia Ros Art
Frost 2015, Acrylic on Canvas Morning in the City 2015, Acrylic on Canvas Gondola 2015, Acrylic on Canvas  World of Glass & Concrete 2016, Acrylic on Canvas

Roses 2015, Acrylic on Canvas

City (Close-in) - Natalia Ros Art  Sunrise in the Mountains Rainy Day - Natalia Ros Art Keep the Fire - Natalia Ros Art  Wild Horse - Natalia Ros Art
Buildings (close-in) 2016, Acrylic on Canvas Sunrise in the Mountains 2015, Acrylic on Canvas Rainy Day 2015, Acrylic on Canvas Keep the Fire Going 2016, Acrylic on Canvas Wild Horse 2015, Acrylic on Canvas

Oil Pastels Drawings

I discovered oil pastels at the beginning of 2015. Pastels are a pleasure to work with, though they can be messy. They cover the paper like Plasticine would, but in a much thinner layer, and there is usually a lot of residue that’s left unstuck to the paper surface which, if not removed, can mix in with other colors and produce mess. Mixing colors is also quite hard because the mixing happens directly on the painting. A tricky medium for sure, but does produce great art.

IMG_6347 Natalia Ros Art IMG_6395
Autumn2015, Oil Pastels White Lilacs 2015, Oil Pastels Voyage 2015, Oil Pastels
IMG_6384 IMG_6372 IMG_6350
Long Road 2015, Oil Pastels Thoughts 2015, Oil Pastels Face of Innocence 2015, Oil Pastels

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